How to manage your thoughts transform your sleep

by Master Sleep Coach Daniel Erichsen



How your mind works and how thoughts determine whether you get the results you desire


How thinking of sleep as a skill or ability stands in your way of restful sleep

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When you know that your ability to sleep is indestructible, those elusive Zzzs come your way

There is a reason why your friend sleeps well.

You know that person who sleeps really well, the one you envy, who's asleep the minute her head hits the pillow. Yes her.

Ask her what she does to sleep so well. All you'll get is a confused look and a shrug. And that's the answer you've been looking for. She doesn't do anything at all. She in fact does not have a single thought about sleep in her mind.

You may think she doesn't need to think about her sleep, because she sleeps fantastic. In reality, she sleeps fantastic because she's not thinking about sleep.

If you've had trouble sleeping for a long time, and you've followed all the recommendations and tips without any success, it can seem like you've lost the ability to sleep. 

  • Your body no longer can produce sleep.
  • You've lost a skill. 

In reality, thoughts like these are what's standing in your way.

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