The Sleep Coach School:

Self Coaching 

Membership Program

Get all the tools you need to get amazing sleep

Are you ready for something new?

Think about what life would be like if you slept well every night.

No matter how skeptical you are, you CAN make that happen.

You just need to know how.

You need to understand how your mind works.

You need to understand what makes you sleep and what keeps you from sleeping.

You need support and accountability to get the results you want.

The Self Coaching Master Program is all of the above.

It educates you and helps you make sense of your past experiences with sleep.

You will learn how to:
- Use your body’s sleep drive to your advantage
- Decrease worrying about sleep by understanding how it works
- Use your problem-solving skills in a sleep promoting way
- Have time and bandwidth for the pleasures in life you've been missing out on

Your membership includes:

-Learning Modules:

You will gain access to 2 or 3 pre-recorded video classes per week for the first 4 weeks. You learn at your pace.

Topics include: 

  • Coaching yourself
  • Reaching goal thoughts
  • Sleep and health
  • Sleep myths
  • The origins of insomnia
  • The purpose of emotions
  • What to do before going to bed
  • What to do when waking up early
  • How to know if you should avoid something or not
  • How to know what is causing you to have little sleep
  • What to do when you have a setback
  • Why it seems you’ve lost the ability to sleep
  • Why you think something is wrong with you

- Live Weekly Drop In Classes

1 hour Live group coaching call with Coach Daniel done once a week. For the first 15-20 minutes Coach Daniel will pick a sleep/insomnia topic to talk about. For the rest of the hour, he will take volunteers to coach live or answer text questions sent live.

If you’re not making the progress you are looking to get by the second month, you can volunteer for a one-on-one recorded coaching session with Coach Daniel. This is so the rest of the group can learn from the answers.

How much you participate is up to you. You can choose to simply complete the video classes and experience how your sleep transforms.

You can join every drop-in class, share your progress or challenges and ask any question that has come up during your studies.

The Self Coaching Master Program is for anyone that is ready to change trajectory by taking all the resources you have within, put them to work for you and sleep well forever.

The monthly payment is $99.

It is the best sleep coaching value in the world.

You can cancel anytime. And that may be in no time. Because the program makes you take massive action and get the results you want sooner than you could ever imagine.


Get videos sent to you weekly teaching you about insomnia and tools to get past it.

Group Coaching Calls

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Coach Daniel and Coach Michael

The Model

Master the self coaching model and never worry about sleep ever again!

Self Coaching Master Program

Managing your thoughts is the most important thing in getting the results you seek, including amazing sleep. Enroll today!


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