Some 20% of adults in western countries struggle with sleep every night. In case you haven't noticed.


You received no education on insomnia or how to coach someone with trouble sleeping. When your clients tell you they can't sleep despite having tried everything, you're at a loss.


As a Certified Sleep Coach, you will not only know how to get your clients to a place of peaceful, natural sleep -  you will enjoy the journey!


The course
CBTi based sleep coaching is a 12 week course that is unique in several ways. 

You join the program together with self-coaching students. This gives you the opportunity to start coaching, supervised by Coach Daniel and Coach Michael, from the very beginning. In this school, we recognize that it is coaching that makes you a coach, not a certificate. 

After the first 8 weeks, during which you learn the fundamentals of sleep coaching along with self-coaching students, your knowledge is translated into practical CBTi based tools. 

In the course you will learn:

What quantity of sleep is normal?

What quality of sleep is normal?

Health consequences of insomnia and short sleep

The difference between association and causality

What is the Nike shaped correlation between sleep and longevity?

What is insomnia?

What is sleep deprivation?

How to identify chronic insomnia?

What factors make acute insomnia turn chronic?

What factors perpetuate chronic insomnia?

What is a sleep window?

Why is setting a sleep window so important?

What is classical conditioning?

How does classical conditioning apply to chronic insomnia?

Why is identifying sleep cues critical for strengthening the bed-sleep association?

How are natural sleep drive and hyper-arousal like gas and brake pedals?

What are common false beliefs about sleep?

How can false beliefs about sleep be challenged by facts?

What are the main problems with sleep aids?

How can a sleep coach help a client taper off sleep aids (with doctor guidance)?

What is at the core of most worry/anxiety?

What are the indications of sleep-related worry/anxiety?

What is a simple technique to address worry/anxiety?

Why is a transition wind-down time from wake to sleep important?

What are helpful pre-bed behaviors to promote sleep?

What are helpful in-bed behaviors to promote sleep?

Why is leaving the bed at night important when awake/alert?

How to recognize when it is time to leave the bed at night due to alertness?

What are ways to make leaving the bed at night easier?

How can a sleep coach help a client who is "stuck" and not progressing?

What are ways a sleep coach help a client prevent insomnia relapse?

Drop in classes (Live Group Coaching Calls)
Each week you will have access to Coach Michael or Coach Daniel who alternate hosting the classes. The drop in classes are 45 min long Q&A style Zoom sessions where you and other students can ask any questions that have come up during your studies. You can also answer questions from self-coaching students as a way of starting your coaching practice.

When you have completed the 12-week video course, you will be asked to take a 50 item certifying exam. Once you have passed you will receive a certificate and lots of kudos!

Stay on as Member
If you would like continue improving your coaching skills with supervision after having taken the certification exam, you are welcome to stay on board!

As a members, you will have continued access to the live weekly drop in classes and the forum where you can practice both text based and live coaching under supervision. 

The Sleep Coach School will only be as successful as you are so we are committed to helping you realize your dream.

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