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"You are really changing how people sleep, so true. Your program of self-coaching was a life-changing experience to me. It took 8 weeks for me to get educated, to wean-off my sleep (anxiety) pills and completely change my attitude to sleep. I wouldn’t believe it a few weeks ago. It all seemed fantastic just until it happened. When I started I had so many doubts and questions, so much fear and anxiety, I was completely powerless, I had no courage and so little belief. But I kept going with your help and with the help of student coaches. Your kind attention to every question, your detailed open answers, your support and a lot of useful insights meant the world to me and changed everything. I’m so grateful to you, I wish your channel and this program become viral to help so many people out there who still struggle and look for a magical remedy to stop suffering. This magical remedy is in this program, the education.:) Thank you again and all the best."


"Daniel's Sleep Coach School, app, books, YouTube channel, Zoom meetings, and slack site were invaluable resources for me during my bout with insomnia. I started to not sleep well due to getting COVID-19 and making a huge move across the country which I wasn’t as prepared for as I thought. Daniel is so knowledgeable, kind, so encouraging and supportive. I felt like I was going crazy…but his encouragement along with his team helped me realize that it was very normal what I was going through. He understood very well what I was going through. He is very compassionate and responsive to everyone. I’m doing much much better now a lot due to his program and resources. Thank you Daniel and shout out to Michelle!"


" I have struggled with sleep for many, many years and spoke with several sleep coaches. When I discovered Daniel, I was impressed with his caring, availability and enormous amount of free and helpful information he provided. Once I committed to the program, I decided to read his books and really was able to practice and work easily with so many of the concepts and examples provided. My sleep is not perfect, and I suspect it might never be. I am, however NATTO..and that is freeing and wonderful!"

"I have learned so much from the school over the last months. I enjoyed the weekly modules and watching the drop in classes. As I said before I started the school, I truly believe your way of approaching and healing insomnia is the right path. My sleep is definitely improving, though I have a ways to go especially dealing with speed bumps. But now, I know how to approach them!! So much of my fear regarding sleep has lessened, and for me, this has been the key to a way forward. Thank you and your wonderful coaches for being here for me during a very challenging time. I feel confident going forward !"


"Michelle immediately put my mind at ease, helping me better understand that what I was experiencing was actually just a speedbump (the result of residual fear from my initial bout with insomnia) and that this was actually a normal and healthy part of the insomnia recovery process, even if unpleasant. She not only listened with such genuine warmth and empathy (because she really "gets it"), she also offered practical suggestions to help me reframe the experience and begin to show up differently, retraining my mind in the process. Having these one-on-one sessions with Michelle has been so invaluable to my recovery process, and she has helped me see and really feel that I can do this. No matter where you are in your recovery process, book a session with Michelle-you'll be so thankful you did! "

1:1 Client

"Working with Coach Michelle through one-on-one sessions was key to my insomnia recovery. After watching Michelle's Youtube coaching and hearing her own recovery story, I knew I wanted to work with her. She really GETS this struggle, and has developed a personal technique that is intuitive and gentle. She is encouraging and understanding of your struggle because she has been there and has found a way out. If you are suffering from insomnia, book a session with Michelle. You will thank yourself for it."

1:1 Client

3 ways you can work with us

Group Coaching

If you've felt alone and would like to share your journey with a group that understands what you're going through, this is a great option for you. We have a Slack forum and bi-weekly coaching calls on Zoom. 

$259 per month (with 7 day money back guarantee).



Video based on Zoom

If you prefer 1:1 coaching on a video based platform, you can start that process by clicking below. This is a perfect option if you would like to speak privately with a knowledgable coach who understands where you are. 




Text Based Coaching

If you would like text based coaching 1:1, download BedTyme from your app store. Available for iOs and Android users, this is a great option if you'd like personal attention and the convenience of messaging your coach directly. 

$189.99 per month (after 1 week free trial).



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Meet our team

Daniel Erichsen

Hi, I'm Daniel. I am a sleep physician and author of Set it & Forget itThis is Natto and Tales of Courage 

I coach because there's just nothing sweeter than hearing someone say they feel like themselves again. 

This is also why I host the The Sleep Coach School YouTube Channel/Podcast and created BedTyme, an app-based insomnia program.  

When not preaching the Natto gospel you'll find me learning, running or hanging out with my wife and two lovely brats. 

If you want to know what I'm up to, you can find me on YouTubeTwitterInstagram and FB.


Michelle Weil

Hi, I'm Michelle. I am a sleep coach, small business owner and nutritionist. 
I coach because I've been where you are and I know the struggle behind it. I also know how it feels to step out of the insomnia struggle and nothing makes me happier to experience this with the clients that I coach.
For this reason and many others, I provide 1:1 coaching support for Sleep Coach School students in addition to working alongside Daniel to deliver the Insomnia Immunity group coaching program.
I live in Ottawa, Canada with my husband Raphael. When not coaching, you'll find me teaching yoga, hiking, swimming, and watching funny movies.
To hear Michelle's story, click here.


Veronika Papezova

Hi, I'm Veronika. I'm a sleep coach and mom of two little boys. 

I coach because I want to provide the help I never had during the several years I struggled with insomnia. I coach within our Insomnia Immunity program, in BedTyme and I also offer 1:1 coaching support

I live in Piestany, Slovakia with my husband and kids. Apart from coaching, I love to swim, read or just spend time with the family. 

To hear Veronika's story, click here.

Alina Grechkina

Hi, I'm Alina. I'm a sleep coach and educator. I coach because I've found that drawing from what I learned during my own insomnia journey to help others to be very meaningful.

I have a YouTube channel where I share insights and I coach within both the Insomnia immunity program and in BedTyme. 

I live in Bratislava, Slovakia. When I'm not creating content or coaching I enjoy skiing and finding hidden mushroom spots. 

To hear Alina's story, click here


Nerissa Montuya

Hi, I'm Nerissa and I'm the student access specialist for the school. I help with questions regarding enrollment and general questions about our services. 

I live in Manila, Phillipines and I have worked as a virtual assistant for nearly ten years. During my free time, I enjoy playing mobile games and browsing social media platforms. I love music much. 

Books that offer breakthroughs

Not quite ready for direct coaching yet? You can start learning about sleep and insomnia by reading Coach Daniel's books. Set and Forget It goes over basic concepts around sleep and insomnia. If you want to deepen your knowledge on the philosophy of The Sleep Coach School, then you can read This is Natto.

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