Richard Wills

Having left many years if insomnia struggles and being a physician devoted to promoting health and wellness, becoming a certified sleep coach was a natural step for Richard. 

Today, he works with Beth Kendall as an instructor in the Mind. Body. Sleep. program. 

To learn more about where Richard practices, click here. 

Samela Idrizi

Having left her own struggle with insomnia, Samela decided to become a certified sleep coach to gain a deeper knowledge of the teachings that had be transformational for her. 

Today she is a moderator in our Insomnia Immunity program and coaches for a national wellness organization in Belgium. 


Sisse Find

Sisse is a Danish psychologist and specializes in metacognitive therapy for anxiety and depression. 

Looking to find a complementary approach that would help her established clients with sleep difficulties, as well as to introduce a new alternative to people struggling with insomnia in Denmark, she completed our certification program. 

Click here to learn more about her work.

Veronika Papezova

After starting to work nights in 2011, Veronika came home one day and didn’t sleep. Although she didn’t think much of this initially, the reaction to this sleepless day would lead to a multi year struggle.

Having fully understood why insomnia happened, she found peaceful sleep and decided to help others who were where she once had been. She now combines being a mom of two little boys with part-time coaching. 

Veronika coaches in both our Insomnia Immunity program and in our app BedTyme and shares insights on Instagram. She also coaches in her native language, Slovak as well as German.

If you want to check out her independent work, there's a link to her website here. 

Chris Carrion


When Chris found himself deep in the throws of insomnia, he made a promise to help others if he ever found a way to peaceful sleep himself. 

Chris did find a way and is now helping others as a certified sleep coach. Chris combines being a small business owner with sleep coaching. 

He coaches within BedTyme and our Insomnia Immunity program and does independent work as well. If you'd like to connect with Chris, simply click here to visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Brittany Winfrey

When Brittany became a mom, her midwife suggested that she could sleep when the baby sleeps. The pressure to take naps, and other life stressors, became the beginning of an intense struggle with insomnia.

After finding that truly understanding what had happened led her back to peaceful sleep, she decided to help other facing a similar struggle. 

Brittany coaches within BedTyme as well as running an independent coach business focused on momsomnia.   

To learn more about Brittany's independent work, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.  


Beth Kendall

For Beth, the struggle with sleep started in her teens. After learning about neuroplasticity, the mind-body connection and heart work, she found herself free of something that had weighed her down for years. 

Beth decided to pass on what she learned through her own journey and became a sleep coach.

Previously a professional ballet dancer, flight attendant and nutritionist, she has now transitioned to full time independent sleep coaching.

You can learn more about Beth's building the Mind. Body. Sleep. program by visiting her website.


Camilla Stoddart

Camilla was a book editor and food writer (she's worked with celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay!) but found herself struggling with sleep in her thirties. Thanks to the guidance of an excellent therapist she not only found her way back to sleeping well, but found a new career path - helping others sleep well and enjoy life again!

Camilla currently runs a sleep coaching program called Sleep Matters. You can find out more about what she is up to by visiting her website or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Alina Grechkina

After an intense year of struggling with sleep, Alina found that she had learned much that made life itself easier and brighter. When she started getting questions from followers, and found meaning and joy in answering, she decided to become a sleep coach. 

Previously working in marketing, Alina now works as a sleep coach in BedTyme and our Insomnia Immunity program in addition to independent work. 

You can see what she is up to by checking out her website, YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram. 


Michelle Weil

Michelle had spent several years learning about the mind and herself as she struggled with pain and insomnia, becoming a yoga instructor and nutritionist in the process. After finding Set it & Forget it, everything she had studied coalesced and her struggle was over. 

Michelle joined the school as an instructor after her graduation and co-manages our certification program.

She also has an independent sleep coaching business. To check out her website, click here.  


Joseph Pannell

After a 20 year struggle with insomnia, Joseph was chocked to hear from his new therapist that his case was "average". Soon enough, his decades long struggle was over, and he couldn't stop thinking about how to help others just as he had been helped. 

Shortly after graduating our certification program, Joseph published a book and started a YouTube channel.

Having previously been a small business owner, he has not transitioned to sleep coaching full time. 

To learn more about what his work, you can visit his website by tapping here. 

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