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As the sun sets, your heart beats faster. Panic sets in. You’re doing everything right.

Hot Bath

Chamomile Tea

Pillow Spray

Warm Milk


As The Sun Sets, Your Heart Beats Faster. Panic Sets In. You’re Doing Everything Right.

Hot Bath

Chamomile Tea

Pillow Spray

Warm Milk


You’ve Googled yourself into a rabbit hole, but you’re still no closer to la-la land.

Even psychoactive prescription sleeping pills don’t work. Maybe you’ve even searched for the best online CBT programs for insomnia, but the restrictiveness…the awful sleep logs…it’s downright depressing. No one understands. Not doctors, not your family, not your friends. Everyone gives the same “sleep hygiene” advice. Stick to a routine. Read before bed. Drink warm milk. But nothing works.

And so, you start to believe you’re the problem.

“I’ll never sleep again.”

“My brain is broken.”

“There’s something wrong with me.”

“If I don’t sleep tonight, tomorrow will be a disaster.”

“I need sleep to have energy for the day.”

“What if I have fatal insomnia?”

“This is going to kill me.”

Sound familiar?

When you’re wide-awake watching the hours fly by, you feel alone.



2am. 3am. 4am. 5am.

The fear sets in. “If I fall asleep now, I can at least get 4 hours of sleep”.

“If I fall asleep now, I can at least get 2 hours of sleep”.

But then, the sun rises – and you didn’t sleep a wink.

You’re NOT alone. If you’re like the 100s of students we’ve coached – and our 1000s of YouTube subscribers – you’ve probably thought all of this and more.

But guess what? You WILL sleep again.

Your brain is NOT broken. There is NOTHING wrong with you. If you don’t sleep tonight, you’ll live. You’re not going to die. But you WILL sleep again. We’ll show you how.

The Truth About Insomnia

Have you ever wondered why you’re able to sleep in random places where you’re not supposed to sleep, but when your head hits the pillow in your soft, cozy bed, you’re wired and wide awake?

It doesn’t matter how much lavender you spritz on your pillow. It doesn’t matter how soft your mattress is. Or the thread count of your duvet. Even the best online CBT programs for insomnia don’t get to the ROOT of the problem.

You’ve probably wondered why some tactics actually make you MORE anxious, like that Bluetooth sleep mask you bought, playing guided meditations from that guy with a million YouTube subscribers. Thousands of comments rave about how sleep meditation changed their life, yet here you sit – awake and wondering why yet another method failed.


Insomnia isn’t a sleep problem. It’s an anxiety and FEAR problem

Insomnia isn’t a sleep problem. It’s an anxiety and FEAR problem. The dictionary defines insomnia as an “inability to sleep”. But it’s so much deeper than that. It’s a crippling fear of wakefulness. The more you TRY to sleep, the less likely sleep is to happen.

We call this “sleep effort”. When you spend every waking moment focusing on sleep, sleep is very unlikely to come. It’s easier said than done, but you’ll soon realize that sleep happens when you stop WORRYING about sleep.

Just like when you were a baby.

Back then, you didn’t think about sleeping. It just happened. Because there was no “relationship” with sleep to focus on. It was as easy as breathing.

The fact that you’ve fallen asleep thousands of times proves that your mind knows how to sleep.

And together, we’ll get you back to that place. Page 11 of 17 A place where you stop letting hours of sleep influence how your day will unfold.

A place where you can literally break ALL the “sleep hygiene rules” and still fall (and stay) asleep. A place where insomnia no longer wins the game, because you’re no longer playing.

What is the Insomnia Immunity Program?

Knowing you have the ability to sleep is just the beginning.

By entering the Insomnia Immunity Program, you’ll join a group of people from all around the world who understand exactly what you’re going through – because they’ve been there. In this online insomnia support group, we are all rooting for each other on the journey toward better sleep. This is a global collective of likeminded students learning how to reverse the adverse conditioned response to wakefulness, and transition from panic to inner-peace. You’ll discover how your brain sees wakefulness as a threat and keeps you conscious, using hyperarousal as an intrinsic defense mechanism. But the good news is that just as fears develop, they can also be reversed.

As part of the program, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted access to:

Weekly pre-recorded video classes, every week for 12 weeks

LIVE bi-weekly Q&A sessions (Zoom) to share your progress and challenges

Members-only access to our Slack channel for daily support

Compassionate care from Certified Sleep Coaches, many of whom have been where you are now

Who’s Inside the Program?

You’re not alone in your sleepless struggles. Far from it. The Insomnia Immunity Program has welcomed people from all walks of life. Doctors. Psychologists. 20-somethings and 60-somethings. People who, perhaps like you, have tried everything under the sun and moon with no success. The good news is that just as insomnia can affect anyone, so can immunity!


Join our “Green Team” drop-in classes at 9am Pacific Time on Tuesdays and Fridays, with Certified Sleep Coaches Alina and Samela.

Our “Orange Team” drop-in classes are held at 10am Pacific Time on Mondays and Thursdays, with Certified Sleep Coaches Veronika and Chris.

Chat LIVE with Coach Daniel in his bi-monthly drop-in class for both Green and Orange Team students. To give everyone a chance to attend, class times vary each month.

Time zone differences making it difficult to join? Let us know! We can schedule in additional drop-in classes that suit your schedule.

Can’t attend a live drop-in class? All sessions are recorded and saved in our membership archive for anytime access.

As part of our online insomnia support group, you are in control of your recovery journey.

Join as many or as few classes as you like, and watch as your fear of sleep dissolves to make room for excitement every time you close your eyes!


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