Michael Schwartz and I connected late 2018 on Twitter as we were both interested in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTi) and interestingly, we both lived in Oregon. From then on we would talk weekly about what books were good, which analogies really worked, how to best explain something, as well as the frustrating state of the sleep universe.

It seemed like people with insomnia had few friends.

Physicians and other healthcare providers were getting no education on sleep, even less on behavioral treatment for insomnia. Researchers were producing papers suggesting that insomnia was harmful that the media transformed into alarming headlines. Non for profits recommended a minimum amount of sleep but offered no guidance for those that weren’t getting any. Entire industries promised better sleep if you would just buy their products.

Meanwhile, self proclaimed sleep experts without any type of certification or credentials were becoming yet another source of confusion and anxiety in the sleep world.

In October 20, 2019, Coach Michael and I were having one of those conversations. But this time, it drifted into uncharted territory.

What if we created our own certifying course? We had tons of experience, we were driven by the intent of helping people and perhaps most importantly - we both felt that sleep coaching was fun!

Just a few days later we decided to have a serious talk about starting a certification course. 

My wife Jamie Rabot from the get go thought the project was a good idea. She had been on the receiving end of much lamentation and understood the landscape just as well as Coach Micheal and myself. Furthermore, she had a vision.

She saw how a course should be structured and created a tangible product from a fleeting illusions. She did all the mind work and all the technical work putting the company together.   

The School was born out of a need to give that person with trouble sleeping the guidance, support and direction that was nowhere to be found in the sleep universe.

Although Coach Michael has decided to leave as an instructor, his vision is unchanged and he continues to be a supported of the school. We hope that one day, anyone struggling with sleep will find what we believe to be the answer: a friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated sleep coach!

Coach Daniel

P.S. If you'd like to hear my own story of how I got into sleep coaching, check out the video below! 

Coach Daniel's Story

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