Finding a way to leave sleep struggles in a gentle and effective way didn’t happen overnight. It started with a desire to do things differently, and it took a lot of pondering to bring the most granular, softest and evolved teachings to you. 


How it all started


In 2018, our co-founder Daniel was working as a sleep physician in Springfield, OR. Having seen how simply teaching patients about sleep could be transformative, he decided to try something different: mass education using YouTube. 


Evolving ideas


Learning from a growing online community, Daniel saw that traditional ideas on insomnia were not what helped people, the magic was all in lessening the pressure to sleep. We now call this philosophy non attachment to the outcome. 


How we got here


Seeing that the world not only needs education, but educators, we started a certification program for sleep coaches. Believing that education requires an easy delivery method, we built a group coaching program and an app based program. 


Looking ahead


We hope to continue being part of countless stories of transformation, and we hope one of them will be yours.


Coach Daniel's Story

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